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Designed in New Zealand, REBE is a brand that redraws the lines of contemporary womenswear. It refines and elevates the classics, reimagining wardrobe essentials to cultivate collections that are truly timeless. 

Fine fabrics, effortless lines and sophisticated but subtle details give REBE its own unique code. It is a uniform, a way of being and an extension of those who wear it. 

The REBE woman cares about lasting quality as much as she does her own individual style. She not only seeks to transcend trends but to stand apart from the crowd entirely. To dress with purpose and to tell her own story. 

“When I design I am always looking to balance functionality with form, so that the clothing is as practical as it is beautiful. Ultimately, I want whoever is wearing it to feel good. In a way, REBE is an extension of my own wardrobe, which is made up of pieces that are striking and sophisticated but that I can still wear everyday and still love after many seasons. I want the REBE woman to be able to build her wardrobe in a similar way, so that it is considered and curatorial but distinctly tailored to her individual taste, and at the end of the day, destined to last a long time.” - REBE BURGESS, FOUNDER